The Team

Story Telling

Susan Kung'u:

The main problem local productions in Kenya encounter is scripting. Mundu Mwara Studios is very fortunate in our scriptwriter, Susan Kung'u of Kikwata Storytellers. She is a long time Nairobi resident and primary school teacher who has been performing Kenyan stories in Nairobi since 2003, in English, Swahili, Kikuyu and Dholuo.

Her stories are plot driven and hang together, developed with an eye to fulfilling a child's psychological needs. She is in our view the foremost storyteller in Nairobi, with a unique ability to absorb ideas and input from the team around her and pull them together into a cohesive and satisfying tale.

Kio Music

Kio Kung'u

Kio Kung'u has been singing all her life, and songwriting for the last few years. She generously wrote the wonderful theme song 'Kipepeo', and she performs it herself. The music was recorded at the GoDown, Nairobi, at Ketebul Studios.

African music, additional vocals and sound effects by the Kikwata Storytellers musicians, Jeck on the Orutu, Bonnie on drums.


Mwara Kung'u

Artist, teacher and businessperson; graduated from Westminster University, London with an MSc in Computer Animation, and studied Fine Art and teaching at Kenyatta University. She is skilled in 3D and 2D animation with specialisation in Maya and drawing. She teaches young animators at the Multimedia University in Kenya, and currently works in her studio near Ngong, on a 2D project that combines stopmotion, drawing and painting in experimental animation. She is the Chair of the Animation Artistes' Association in Kenya and Trustee at Nairobi Waldorf School.

Mwara is responsible for character designs and textures, lighting and compositing. Her career in Nairobi included 7 years as editorial cartoonist and caricaturist on the Eastafrican newspaper and contracting for UNICEF on the graphic design team creating the books for a new educational system in Somalia.

Her business experience includes running a shop at Kenyatta University, and 3 years running a small handicrafts business with a team that produced, marketed and sold fashion jewellery in Nairobi and abroad.

Art Direction, Recruitment & Mechandising Development

Celestine Milka Wamiru:

Celestine graduated from Nairobi University in 2004 with a first class honors degree in Design. She has extensive experience working in Nairobi as a print and animation cartoonist and will be joining us as an animator with areas of expertise in art direction, recruitment and merchandising development.

Financial Officer

Lydia Mutahi:

Lydia is our financial officer, managing financial and HR matters. She did her Masters in Finance at Baltimore University Maryland, where she worked as a financial officer at Johns Hopkins University. Lydia has extensive experience working in Nairobi as a corporate finance officer.

Lydia and Mwara grew up in Uthiru Village, on the outskirts of Nairobi, and were once themselves among the children whose lives and dreams will be enriched by the development of this show.

Sound Track Creation

Tony Kung'u

Sound Track creation by Tony Kung'u : Trained in Film Directing at York University, Toronto, Tony has a gift for putting sound to footage, bringing it to life. His experience as a film director includes production stints on Stargate Atlantis (2007) as Executive Producers Assistant, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2006) and Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (2008). Visit his site. He grew up in Uthiru too!

Email:; Telephone: +254 737 485 313.